Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some stuff i've been doing for a game.

This game is a point and click adventure game that has been in development since last spring qaurter and it really took off during the summer. At first we were going to go with a 3D graphic visual element for the games design. The game was being developed for a client of the NTID school at RIT. I began working with the programmers Eric Kenvin (lead designer/programmer) and Devin Strehle (programmer), who started the project and I inquired if they needed an artist to help create the assets for the games graphics. They agreed and I started helping with the game's art direction and it's been a great learning experience ever since. There was changes here and there, new people came into the project such as Ben Rubin and Jillian Felsburg, Both who primarily helped by drawing the backdrops for the games levels throughout most of the year. I painted in those drawings they handed me and then handed them to the programmers.
The art team expanded (recently added two new member, Alicia Soos and Katie Lawter) and the programming team changed a bit, but Eric and Devin remain a crucial part of the team. Arron Borges joined the team and he's been a great help. I have new people joining the art team to help out with the content creation, since I'm also a full-time student and can't push all that work myself. Although, I do the best that time can allow. The art team has to divide up the work and we adopted a workflow that was very much like how comic book artists approach illustrating each page. draw, ink, color.
Everyone in this team has been great to work with, hopefully we can collaborate again in the future.

Here is a 3D model of Guy Shady, he's a sinister character that tries to persuade the main character into making bad choices for his own end. Devin modeled this character, however I handled the texturing.
A book that is being used as the game menu while in-game, it would have a list of choices, such as save, load, exit, resume, etc. illustrated in photoshop.

The elder, he's one of the character for a later level in the game, character idea was contributed by Kelvin Burnett, one of our artists, I painted in his sketch of this.

A model Sheet I designed for Devin to use as a reference for 3D modelling.

 I painted this character concept for Mrs.Wealthy, a rich lady from the first level who the main character interacts with.

Library view that the character can maneuver about within, Jill drew this up and I painted this in, were going for a comic book style with this game's illustrated world. same goes for the rest of the backgrounds, however, I had some contribution to drawing the tower.

Clock GUI I designed for the game's HUD

Animated version of the Map GUI, it was a fun idea, unfortunately we opted to keep the HUD remaining still. we felt the it would eventually be distracting to the player if all HUD elements were moving constantly.
Animated in Photoshop.

Another character I painted in, sketched by Kelvin Burnett.