Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TriangleMan, Triangle Man, does the thing that a Triangle can.

Here is a bunch of sketches for another personal focus assignment, and I'm debating whether or not to do this in Oil paint, I probably will. Lately I've just been in the mood to mess around with oil some more, so once I get a more finalized sketch out of these, It'll be done digitally. Then I'll have it printed large at a print shop on some kind of artist paper that will then be mounted on plywood or some kind of hardwood board. I've been very inspired by Ashley wood, Jon foster, and Justin Sweet's artworks, where many of them have a very expressive painting style that capture so much through a very well thought out composition.

Here we hae a few sketches of a subject being persecuted by "trianglemen" I'm giving it a very sci-fi/twilight zone feel to it. As for color pallete, i wish for this to be relatively limited in in color with a few vibrant accents here and there. I'll have to give that more thought in the final sketch.

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