Friday, October 15, 2010

ragnarok concept paintings start!

Loki, the trickster and harbinger of doom. He's been described as a thief, liar, sorcerer and exiled to a cavern to suffer for his crimes against the Aesir, even though he was once a member. He broke free and is waging war against the Aesir, bringing about the event of Ragnarok. Unleashing his children and raising an army of fallen soldiers and shadows through the help of Hel, goddess of death and the frost giants. The great serpent, fenriz the wolf, and hel are his magical creations born from hate and despair.

This is a work in progress, notice he has chains and there will be fire from his arms. also his face is slightly disfigured because, while imprisoned he suffered a form of torture where poison or something dripped on his forehead constantly, pale for being hidden from any source of light.

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