Monday, October 11, 2010

dogfight on glider-boards

Sometimes I have an idea and then I lost interest and it continues to drift elsewhere. Then I begin to really get some thing going, apparently it started out as a sci-fi thriller scenario of a character creeping through a ships utility tunnels, sound familiar? lol so now it went to this dogfight scenario, piloted ships of sorts are a popular choice. instead it turned into this strange jet gliders they stand on, much like a board. Placed within a post-apocalyptic environment.
I'm a big fan of the whole anarchy look.

bunch of thumbnails here.


ben rubin said...

rad Brian!

these are great, i love the lighting in the 3rd frame. ive never imposed a perspective in a sketch like that, but it works pretty well...oh the wonders of photoshop!

Brian Thuringer said...

thanks man, yeah the perspective grids are part of a brushset that i use and I also use the vanishing point tool under the filters menu in photoshop. it helps a lot if i get stuck on how i want the perspective in my composition to be. so yeah i just throw them down into the thumbnails and experiment.