Monday, September 28, 2009

So I decided to try something interesting, this program called Alchemy. Which is a sort of sketch/digital paint program like photoshop or painter. It does either bitmap or vector and allows you to work in a process of abstraction and experimentation with your sketches. Drawing environments, creatures, people, or whatever subjects that appear within the white space.

I did a couple, so give them a look and interpret how you see them. Some say they see things I don't even recognize and it brings a lot of thought on what can be done through simplicity of shape and color.

I recommend this for some casual sketching/ideation. I think it helps to expand the mindset of visual exploration.

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Adam Logan said...

Cool dude, it's always interesting to see what people come up with on Alchemy. It's usually not that similar. Just to set the record straight, Alchemy is a vector program, but it can flatten the image to a raster from Alchemy itself if you want it to. I prefer to save as a pdf and then import it to Illustator, there I can mess with the layers, or delete things. then you can export it to Photoshop for even more flexibility.