Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is was an oil painting project I did a while back, earlier this year. Can't say I haven't learned alot from this one piece...I was working out an exploration on surrealism, inspired by Zdzislaw Beksinski, who was a polish painter of surrealism in a style known as "fantastic realism". I found his art to be incredibly gripping, as if I wanted to personally go there and explore it as if it were reality. The way he paints his images have an interesting mood to them, they don't seem menacing at all, it seems more to express some kind of peace. peace in darkness, rather than light. There is definitely some sort of philosophy within his work, no one really knows, Ii guess we all just interpret it within our perspective.

final illustration of (cancelled) album cover...well it was fun!

I really wish this was used and earned credit, though unfortunately the band Wastelander had some issues and was unable to continue doing the split album with UDI. I had hopes for this commission, thought the opportunity could get me some good attention for future commissions. Although, despite the cancellation I still continued to work on this, because I enjoy this band's music and these kinds of bands don't come around often.